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Mr. Suat Karaosman  1890 – 1972
Mr. Suat Karaosman 1890 – 1972
The company was founded in 1913 by Mr. Suat Karaosman. He started trading in various fields including Romanian petroleum products and German coal. After the foundation of the young Turkish Republic, Mr. Karaosman became the Turkish agent for companies such as Mercedes-Benz, and Bosch as well as an importer of German cinema films. Being the first importer of diesel equipped vehicles into Turkey, the word “DIZEL” was added to the company’s registered name.

After the second world war, with the collapse of the German industry, Mr. Karaosman became a distributor for British automotive products, including the Lucas/CAV group, Smiths Industries and the like. Being a yachtsman himself, Suat Karaosman also became the distributor for the then famous Couach marine engines. This cooperation continued until the takeover by Renault and the eventual shutting down of the Couach plant.

After the decease of Mr. Suat Karaosman in 1972, family members reorganised the company as a limited liability company and focused its operations on importing and distributing marine equipment.

Currently, Suat Karaosman-Dizel Ltd. is the official distributor for ITT Jabsco, Rule Industries, Flojet, Ultraflex / Uflex , DHR products and has recently added BEP Marine of New Zealand to its portfolio.

Even though, the company is one of the dozen companies in its field in Turkye, it has a special place in the Turkish marine market based on its experienced staff and devotion to principles.

In November 2015, the company was converted to a joint stock company.

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