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Safety first

For over 75 years, Den Haan Rotterdam has been manufacturing a wide range of lighting systems for ships, including navigational lighting, search-lights and nautical lamps. DHR decorative nautical lamps are finished with a transparent enamel coating. To ensure that this coating is kept in optimal condition we recommend that the coating be treated with clear beeswax once a year. All of our oil lamps are fitted with superior quality burners which, if treated with respect, will work for many years. Oil lamps should not be left burning unattended and should be placed so as be out of the reach of children at all times.

Each of Den Haan's nautical lamps meets the highest European safety requirements. In addition, the entire range of electric, decorative nautical lighting systems satisfy the international CE quality mark. Lamps designed to plug in to a wall socket include cast moulded Euro- plugs and on/off switches. High-quality craftmanship combined with optimum safety features ensure pleasant lighting for every customer.

All navigational lamps comply with the latest international regulations: COLREG 72

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