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Ultraflex was founded in 1935 for the manufacturing of flexible pipes. In 1953, they started the manufacture of control and steering system for boats. Since then, they have been serving the international boating community with high quality components, expert service support all around the world.

Uflex was founded in 1988 and it is organized in business units in order to promote and distribute high quality accessories worldwide in the following fields:

· marine
· architectural
· industrial
· Renewable Energy

We can provide to all our customers a broad range and high quality accessories, fast deliveries, a daily technical service and an extensive network of sales and professional support in Europe and throughout the world. In the USA we operate through our sister company Uflex Usa.

Working to determine customers’needs, Uflex makes an accurate selection among the best manufacturers in the world to offer the highest quality accessories available at the right price .

As you browse through the products and services we offer in the following pages, we hope you will see the commitment Uflex makes to the industry, our products, and most important to you, our Customer.

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